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A CRPS Charity Fighting for a Better Future

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a poorly understood condition involving continual regional pain that affects one or more body parts. This overwhelming pain condition is believed to be caused by nervous system malfunctions and damage. Affecting individuals of all ages, CRPS needs to be researched much more thoroughly so that we can fully understand its cause. That is the first step toward finding a cure. That is the mission of LifeSupport4CRPS.

Our CRPS charity is passionately committed to spreading awareness, helping those suffering from this condition, and supporting CRPS research. To find a cure for CRPS, we need to involve hospitals, medical professionals, and other charities in starting clinical research. This condition has been linked to increased suicide rates as a result of the constant state of pain it produces. That makes our mission particularly urgent.

Make a donation today or contact us to share your story or to learn how to get involved. With your assistance, we can start to build a better tomorrow for those suffering from CRPS. Your help will enable us to give hope to those living with this condition and to ensure that they don't have to face it alone. 

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