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Hope for a World Free of CRPS

Our Cause

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about LifeSupport4CRPS. Our founder, Brent Adams, began to experience CRPS symptoms following a severe hit-and-run motorcycle accident in July of 2017. His goal in founding our organization was to spread hope to those who need it most, by promoting research into this condition.

Brent experienced a personal tragedy when he lost his 19-month old son; baby Brent, to a rare heart disease. He now maintains a blog in baby Brent's memory. Brent has two daughters, and knowing that CRPS is more common in women drives him to do the best he can to make a difference when it comes to this painful condition. His personal experiences are why he founded our organization, and they're why he continues to fight for research and a cure.

Support Bands

How You Can Help

When you donate to our cause, you're doing your part to fund invaluable CRPS research. Additionally, we're looking for individuals to spread the word about this condition. Volunteer opportunities may be available in the future, so please check back often. In the meantime, please consider making an online donation today. Additionally, please note that we also accept donations sent to our physical address:
329 Cropp Road, Fredericksburg, VA, 22406